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  • When Surgery is Not an Option

  • When Steroids are Not an Option

  • At PSSM, We First Diagnose then Treat

  • Offering Cutting Edge Treatment Without the Knife

  • Providing Healing for Living

Healing for Living

Welcome to Palmetto Spine & Sports Medicine, located in Charleston, SC.  

Patient Testimonial of the Month

I have spent the last 43 years with constant back pain caused by a broken back which resulted in 2 back surgeries and the attendant scar tissue, arthritis and degeneration.  I tried everything imaginable - acupuncture, braces, steroid injections, drugs, physical therapy, chiropractors, you name it.  Then I found Dr. Tim Zgleszewski.  After 2 Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures in just under three months, I am virtually pain free.  Because the process used my own blood for the injections, I'm growing new healthy cells in the target areas and am healing myself.  It really is about permanent healing.

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Regenerative Medicine

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